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Here are just a few examples of the kind of issues and problems that can be resolved through hypnotherapy. If you are unsure about your particular situation then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Hypnotherapy for Stopping Smoking is a highly successful treatment for the addiction of nicotine. Not only is it highly effective, it only takes one session to quit smoking for good. Most people do not experience any cravings at all and feel happy and relaxed without their former habit.

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Stop Smoking

One of the most common issues for those seeking hypnotherapy treatment is weight loss. Hypnosis addresses a number of aspects of overeating; emotional eating such as comfort or anxiety eating, addictive eating, and bad habits such as eating too quickly. Although this list is not exhaustive.


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Weight Loss

     Stopping smoking       Weight loss     Improving confidence   Insomnia   Panic attacks    Stress and anxiety

           Pain relief      Fears and phobias       Emotional distress      Dyslexia                                 Sexual problems

      Performance anxiety     Skin conditions    Improving concentration    Improving memory

 Plus Meany more that are not listed here.